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Professional Experience

I have been a professional software engineer for over a decade, with an extensive background in Computer Science (including an M.S. in C.S.). I have been in engineering lead roles as well as an engineering manager for over 5 years. I am blessed to be able to mentor and grow teams every day.

I have extensive C# and .NET Core experience on the backend, and JS/TypeScript + React on the frontend.

Here are some highlights of my experience:

Lead Engineer - Cox Auto, Inc. (Kelley Blue Book,, 2020-Present

I lead a fullstack team building a serverless solution on AWS called Common API. Common API is a hub for enterprise-wide API sales and management, allowing internal providers to sell and monitor access to their APIs directly to consumers, as well as B2B to dealerships and startups.

Our backend tech stack is ASP.NET Core + DynamoDB running on Lambda and API Gateway.

Our frontend and React + Redux + TypeScript for the frontend.

I introduced Redux and TypeScript to the team, built most of our CI/CD processes, and am currently working on integrating full-stack logging and observability practices.

2018-2020 Engineering Manager - McCoy Corp. 2016-2018 Lead Engineer - McCoy Corp.

At McCoy’s, I ran the primary development team supporting custom application development for a billion dollar company. We built everything, from React Native mobile applications to the E-Commerce site

Please feel free to reach out! I’m always open to new challenges and opportunities.


I am a huge believer in Open-Source software. I have created several projects myself, and I am also a maintainer.

My Projects


My GitHub

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Get in Touch

Here is my no-longer-current resume and my LinkedIn.


My name is Luke Paireepinart. I’m a software engineer from Austin, Texas. I’m now a proud West Coaster, living in Portland, Oregon with my wife, 🐕, 🐈 🐈, and a 🦜. In my down time, I love to make music, cook, and write open-source software.